Garden Bags and Bins Whangarei

Regular collections

Our standard service is based on a regular 4 weekly cycle. We will come on the same day of the week every 28 days. We will collect the full garden bag from your property and leave an empty one. Or, the garden bin will be emptied and returned either from the kerbside or from your property.

Or , you can choose an 8 weekly cycle. This will cost slightly more per collection.

You also have the option to switch between a 4 and 8 weekly cycle. For example some of our customers opt for an 8 weekly cycle during winter but swap to 4 weekly during the warmer growth months. Just let us know!

Collection may be skipped at no charge if your bag is empty. To do this you must ring us on/or by Friday 4pm the week prior. You are required to have a collection at least every 8 weeks to avoid the bag rotting. If your bag is empty and you forgot to call us or call in late you will be charged the normal single bag collection rate.

If you have been busy, you can request an extra collection mid cycle. We will do our best to arrange this or we will drop you off an extra bag (or bags) so you can finish your gardening project.

Casual / One Off collection service

You call us and let us know when your bag or bin is full. We will collect as soon as possible but timing will depend on where our trucks are at the time.

We also offer one off bags or bins for customers organising a special clean up.

Bulk collections

We can also arrange collections of large piles of green waste that will not easily fit in garden bags or bins. We will give you a competitive quote for this service beforehand.

Tips to make Bulk collections cheaper

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