Terms & Conditions

Only organic garden rubbish is to go into the bag/bins. This includes any normally compostable material, but not flax or bamboo. Other things that do not go in the bag include all non-organic rubbish, (plastic, metal, paper etc) and soil, clay, rocks etc. Branches must not be larger than 4” (100mm) in diameter.

Do not overfill the bag, (past the top of the frame) or drag the bag across abrasive surfaces as this will damage it.

The bag/bin must be in an easily accessible position and if we cannot get access when we turn up to collect, you will be charged. We cannot get full bags up or down steps and stairways, narrow gates can also be a problem, so your co-operation is appreciated. Call us if you have any doubts about access.

The bag/bins will be cleared every 4 weeks within the days marked on the collection calendar. Your bag should be ready for collection at the beginning of the marked collection period to avoid missing the collection. If we experience a breakdown we may complete collections during the weekend.

Invoices will be delivered at the time of collection and all payments are due within 7 days of collection. Collection may be skipped at no charge if your bag is empty. To do this you can either ring us on 438 0011 or e-mail us at info@bagsandbins.co.nz. You are required to have a collection at least every 8 weeks to avoid the bag rotting.

If your bag is empty and you forget to call us or call in late you will be charged the normal single bag collection rate.

Loss or damage will be charged at replacement cost. Price is therefore subject to change: